Here's Widespread Evidence that Obamacare is Hurting Jobs

In the Guardian, of all places.

Following a callout to hourly workers who had experienced recent changes in hours or health benefits, the Guardian was contacted by employees and their families. Two of them said they were so concerned about additional costs of healthcare, they were considering not buying insurance at all.

Typing Samuel’s average earnings of $15,000 a year and her state into the subsidy calculator on the Kaiser Family Foundation website, reveals that, if her employer did not offer healthcare and she were to enter a healthcare exchange, she would be eligible for government subsidy and would pay $300 a year towards the $1,449 cost of a plan. Samuels, who is already struggling financially, said this will represent a massive additional burden should her hours be cut by her employer.

A survey by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans published last month, found that 15% of large employers (50 or more employees) and 20% of smaller employers had plans to adjust hours so that fewer employees qualify for full-time medical insurance under the ACA.


More at the link. I’d say those percentages represent widespread evidence that Obamacare is in fact hurting jobs. Not that Barack Obama really cares about that. He has the media and some already unions lined up to say that evil employers are just doing it wrong.


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