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After more than six decades of exercising her constitutional right to vote, an 84-year-old Lufkin woman worries she will be denied at the polls come Election Day. The recently enforced state law requiring a photo ID has been at the center of controversy across the country, but for people like Dorothy Card, it’s personal.

Like the hummingbirds feeding out the back window of her Lufkin-area home, Card shows up on Election Day like clockwork.

“It makes me feel free to do so,” she said. “It just makes me known that I’m an American and I have a right to vote.”

After all, she’s been doing it for more than 60 years.

“Roosevelt, I did vote for him. Truman, I guess I voted for him,” Card said.

In the past, her signature was enough. But the new voter ID law changes that.

Card stopped driving after a 1999 accident, so without a current photo ID, she knew she would need an election identification.

Her daughter Cheryl Hoffman, a legal assistant, helped her gather the documents, and a lot of them.

“I thought it was adequate,” Hoffman said.

But after many hours and attempts, Card was still being denied.

“They have said if we get another document, that they will issue it. But I’ve been told this three times, so I’m a little leery,” Hoffman said.

Let me begin by saying that this kind of thing obviously shouldn’t be happening and the reason it is has nothing to do with voter suppression by the BIG MEAN REPUBLICANS, which is what the lefty sites like Think Progress are saying.

I’m fairly certain there are some Republicans this is happening to in other places, but you won’t hear about them from the Leftmedia.

What this all about is bureaucratic burden and inefficiency, nothing more. The notion that states are trying to disenfranchise huge traditionally Democrat voting blocs is a scary bedtime story that lefties like to tell. Think Progress even takes a stab at making it seem like a big problem by saying that they have “spoken with other Texas voters” who have had difficulty. They didn’t even quantify it but they did give ONE other example. Which makes two, for those of you who recently attended an American public school.

In Texas.

The second most populous state in the union.

The bitter irony here is that this is the kind of snafu any rational observer of government would expect and this is at the state level.

Imagine the fun at the federal level when you get your snafu during a medical crisis.