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Open Thread: Tweets Of The Day, Cruz Filibuster Edition

The day began with some Twitter back-and-forth between the grassroots conservative activist types and the fans of the establishment GOP, who a friend and I have dubbed “The Moderati”. For the record, I am a huge fan of in-fighting, especially when leadership is as wanting as it currently is in the GOP. My grassroots friends were trying to convey the point that the Moderati are forever “blah blah” about “this not being the right time” and “fighting another day”. No one was amused.

Much to the chagrin of the fans of Team Lightbringer and the Moderati, Ted Cruz decided to continue being himself, rather than being what the MSM keeps telling him he should be.

Apparently, Connecticut is still a state and its forty year-old freshman Senator doesn’t like staying up late.

And now for something completely different: