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Obama's Organizing for Action Uses Navy Yard Shootings for Fundraising

Fresh from President Obama’s delivery of a harshly partisan speech while the Navy Yard killer was still on the loose, President Obama’s personal political action army is using that tragedy to raise campaign funds. Organizing for Action distributed the following email to its massive list last night.

Friend —

If you’re like me, you heard the news about the 12 Americans who died in D.C.’s Navy Yard shooting — and you had those familiar feelings of grief and frustration.

It’s almost unbelievable: More than 8,259 Americans have died due to gun violence since Newtown.

As President Obama said, these events are too common. We all stand numb, trying to wrap our minds around another tragedy that breaks our hearts.

Yet, even though nine in 10 Americans have said they support common-sense measures that would prevent gun violence, Congress has failed to act.

Since the Senate vote failed this spring, OFA supporters have refused to back down — within weeks, we delivered a petition with more than 1.4 million names to leaders in Congress. Just last month, volunteers held hundreds of events across the country, reminding their lawmakers that we’re not going away.

After tragedies like this, now is the time for people like you and me to renew our call for action.

Add your name right now to tell Congress you’re not backing down in the fight to prevent gun violence.

We all have our personal reasons for being a part of this. For me, it’s my desire as a father to keep our kids and our communities safe. If you’d like, I’m encouraging you not just to add your name, but to share a personal reason you’re involved.

The President has done what he can to help — taking executive action to close loopholes in background checks on gun sales, nominating Todd Jones to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and more.

But, as he put it, “Ultimately this is something that Congress is going to have to act on.”

We can pass legislation that helps prevent future gun violence — we just can’t back down now.

The more voices we have on our side, the stronger our call will be.

Add your name to commit to the fight for gun violence prevention legislation today:



Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

This is disgraceful. There is as of yet no evidence that any of the gun laws that Obama and the Democrats have proposed would have stopped the Navy Yard killer. The president could take one measure, immediately, to ensure that US military bases are not killing grounds again. He could rescind the order that made US military bases gun free zones. That Clinton-era initiative ensures that once an armed killer has gained entry onto stateside US military facilities, he will face little to no armed opposition.

Obama is not proposing that. Why?