VIDEO -- The Oregon Obamacare Ads that May Give You Nightmares or Send You to Rehab

Fox played this ad on the air earlier today, and I was like, “Nah, that trippy hippie thing can’t be real.”

Well, it’s real. Take a look.


[jwplayer config=”pjm_tatler” mediaid=”140053″]

The hippies took a shower and are now running advertising for Obamacare. Oregon is spending $3 million promoting Obamacare, without saying in its ads that it’s promoting Obamacare. It also never explicitly says that it’s promoting collectivism, but it’s clearly promoting collectivism. And pigs flying, for some reason.


Maybe the pig is a metaphor for the workability of Obamacare.

They thought about using a lemming shape instead of a bird, but no one knows what a lemming is shaped like.

The president’s signature law is never mentioned in the ad above, or in this even more disturbing Oregon ad featuring a dead-eyed folks singer and a bunch of anonymous stage hands extolling the “Oregon spirit” by moving props around.

[jwplayer config=”pjm_tatler” mediaid=”140055″]

The first ad sings “We fly with our hearts,” which is anatomically impossible. The second sings “Live long in Oregon,” which won’t happen once Obamacare’s death panels kick in and start rationing care. But that isn’t stopping singer Matt Sheehy from producing art of the state.


[jwplayer config=”pjm_tatler” mediaid=”140057″]

All of these ads do basically the same thing: They take local artists and make them propaganda puppets.

They also seem designed to make “progressives” feel good about themselves while doing nothing to educate the public about, well, what the ads are actually about. Oregonians can fly with their hearts right down to the unemployment office or to those second and third jobs they have to get because Obamacare caused their employer to cut their hours. Thanks, Obamacare!




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