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Caption Contest Winners:The Best Photoshop Ever? (Created By A Brave Marine Veteran)

putin horse


Thanks to everyone who entered our latest contest.

All your captions, “conversations” and “thought bubbles” were politically astute and totally hilarious.

Once again, a shout-out goes to b_keyser, the USMC veteran from Westminster, Maryland whose Photoshopped image made this contest possible.

But then, one of our more snarky contest writers named “wermet” asked: Are you sure that it’s Photoshopped?

(A question not totally out of line.)

Enough with the speculation,  now let’s “ride on over” to the award ceremony which is about to begin.

Once again, picking the grand prize winner was so tough that we opted for pressing the EASY button and selected the four best.

RockThisTown won with two:

“Vlad, I trust this horse is trained not to cross any red lines.”

 How the West was Lost.


Ah…a couple of Low Rents of Arabia. 

P Henry Saddleburr:

Does this ass make my horse look too small?

Let’s hear a loud “hee – haw” for our winners!

Now for the Honorable Mentions:

ZipCode won with three:

The horse thought bubble — He always rides topless when he wants to put
his problems behind him.

Caption— Being taken for a ride,  only to be left behind!

Putin: Let’s see if you really are shovel ready, I overfed her today!

RockThisTown won again with these two:

“So we’re going on a tour of where Assad took the chemical weapons?”

Mr. Ed, Mr. Red and Mr. Pothead.

I was Don Rodrigo won with:


mike7777777 scored with:


GasPasserGirl (just love that name) won with:

I just can’t quit you, Vlad!

(Aren’t Brokeback Mountain references politically incorrect?)

Allan Crowson:

Vlad, I love this green transportation you’ve got here. How are the emissions?  Shovel ready, my friend!

Finally, at the end of this steep, rocky trail we have the one and only cfbleachers with four more winners:

Ah, now I see. PLEADING from behind.

A man in the saddle and behind him, a horse’s ass.

My kingdom for a horse ride!

By the time Jay Carney and the Agenda Media are done with this, Obama will be winning the Kentucky Derby and Putin will be betting on him.

Yup, that last entry perfectly summarizes the Obama presidency!

Thanks again for playing along, and catch you all next time a photo (or Photoshop) is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest!