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UNESCO on Brotherhood Supporters: ‘Enemies of Civilization and Heritage’

Malawi National Museum, after the Brotherhood was through with it

After visiting the ransacked Malawi National Museum in al-Minya, Upper Egypt, as well as a nearby evangelical church that was torched, Pierre-André Lablaude, a UNESCO antiquities representative, expressed his “displeasure and dismay” concerning the “radical” groups responsible for such wanton destruction of historic buildings and antiquities, describing them as “enemies of civilization and heritage.”

The “radical” groups he refers to are, of course, none other than the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters who, with Morsi’s ousting, happily showed their true colors, including what they think about Egypt and its ancient heritage.

Considering that Mahdi Akef, the Brotherhood’s former supreme leader, while making clear that the organization is committed to Islamic, not national, solidarity, once said “the hell with Egypt,” their conduct as “enemies of [Egyptian] civilization and heritage” is hardly a surprise.

One wonders how UNESCO’s Lablaude would’ve described the Brotherhood’s supporters if he had seen all of the destruction wrought at their hands, including almost 100 churches, many well over a thousand years old.