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Obama's Foreign Policy is in Ruin

President Obama should have acted in Syria 20 months ago when Al Qaeda had not infiltrated the rebels. Mr. Obama should have acted before over 100,000 people lay dead. But just like the Green revolution in Iran, Obama dithered. Al Qaeda didn’t.  The terrorists recognized the opportunity in Syria. The sad thing is it appears that Al Qaeda showed more leadership than the US president? Now, chemical weapons have been used.  Assad should not have been allowed to remain in power and able to pull that deadly trigger. It’s been almost 2 years since Mr. Obama called for Assad to step down. The dictator was so intimidated by America’s president, that he stayed in power, killed 100,000 people and then gassed and killed over a thousand more. Obama’s “lead from behind” foreign policy is a travesty and shows the intelligence of a five year old. I am disgusted that this president has backed our nation into a corner where we NOW have no good options. Many are rightly asking, “What is the point of drawing red lines, calling for Assad to be gone and then do nothing for 20 months watching the situation deteriorate?” I take no pleasure in saying that it’s a reflection of Obama’s “governing” style. He thinks all he has to do is give a speech, and the sheer magnificence of his presence will solve the world’s and the country’s problems. He’s learning that foreign policy takes more than pretty speeches and talking down his own country abroad.


Chris Salcedo

Executive Director, CHS