The PJ Tatler

Obama's Crap Sandwich

Recently, our president said that Republican and conservative opposition to his health insurance law is based on our desire to deny healthcare to 30-million low-income Americans. Aside from being devoid of any truth, this statement demonstrates our young and inexperienced president’s gift for demagoguery and campaigning, and his lack of ability to lead and govern.

We are confident that Mr. Obama recognizes the pain his law will impose on the country by virtue of the fact that his administration has granted countless waivers to his well-connected political cronies. He’s delayed several parts of the law. And he’s shielded Washington’s elites on Capitol Hill, by providing them with TAX PAYER FUNDED subsidies so they don’t have to feel the pain that the rest of us will feel from Obamacare.

The president is fond of pointing to the miniscule benefits of Obamacare as justification for the avalanche of negatives that, “We the People” will endure. Mr. Obama likes to point to the fact that under his devastating law, Americans will be able to stay on their parent’s insurance policies until the age of 26. He also points out that insurers will be unable to deny people coverage even with pre-existing conditions. He neglects to point out the aforementioned carve outs, the skyrocketing cost of healthcare insurance, the fact that keeping your plan and doctor is no longer a guarantee, the increased number of Americans bumped down to part-time employment and that the bill he promised would cost 900-billion dollars now carries a price tag of 2.7 trillion dollars and growing.

The president’s approach can be best described as “whipped crème on a crap sandwich”. He’s hoping that Americans will choke down his insufferable law because he added a little sweetener to it. He’s mistaken. Obamacare is turning the national stomach as this law, that never enjoyed majority support, is seeing exponential growth in opposition the closer we get to full implementation. Americans must now hold Mr. Obama and his Democrats to account for attempting to force this monstrosity onto us and our children. Compliant Republicans must be made to pay in the primaries. America must remind Washington that we are a people with a government, not the other way around.