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Yay! Obamacare Should Make NSA Creepiness Seem Minor

Up in all your business

Think the NSA data collection on your phone calls and Internet use is scary? Well, here comes Obamacare.

On October 1, the law’s insurance exchanges are scheduled to start open enrollment in all 50 states. In order to help people sign up for insurance and to determine which applicants are eligible for subsidies or Medicaid, the exchanges will need to collect both tax and health-care data for more than 7 million Americans. This means a new government bureaucracy will be in possession of these people’s financial, employment, and health information — everything from their income last year to the prescription drugs they take. What could possibly go wrong?

Good news: the people being hired to “help” sign folks up aren’t highly trained or even required to be terribly bright but they get to have access to some of your most personal info!

And if you complain about this you hate poor people and puppies.