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Glenn Beck Gets AR-15 Gift, Talking Points Memo Gets Teh Sadz

Stupid people enjoying their Constitutional rights and stuff.

Right-wing pundit Glenn Beck has a new toy and he’s very, very, very excited about it. Executives from the gun company Black Rain Ordnance wanted to show Beck how much they “appreciate” the work he does, so they dropped by his office last Friday and delivered him a custom-made AR-15 rifle.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, Beck’s website, The Blaze, published a 1,687 word story Monday detailing Beck’s “wide eyed” excitement after receiving the weapon. The site also posted a video showing Beck giggling and cooing as he carressed the rifle.

“Nice,” Beck said while pretending to shoot the gun. “That’s fantastic.”

There really isn’t any specific complaint about Beck or the gun manufacturer. These people are jusyit very much annoyed by the fact that Beck was given something they deem unfavorable and-HORRORS!-was gracious in accepting the gift. Yes, Americans enjoying their rights terrify progressives.