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SNAP Goes Your Temper

Disclaimer: The following story will anger you. If you are on blood pressure medication, take a pill. If you’re prone to angina attacks, have your nitro ready. If you’re suicidal, remove all sharp objects within reach. Have tissues ready to wipe the spittle off your monitor. PJ Media is not responsible for any untoward consequences that arise from reading this story.

Those of us who work for a living, play by the rules, and take personal responsibility for our lives, are becoming chumps in Obama’s America.

Fox News recently reported on the sharp rise of participants in the SNAP program — the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — and in the process, found what you might refer to as “The New Face of Food Stamps.”

Daily Caller:

That new face is a pina colada-sipping, lobster-loving lothario named Jason Greenslate.

Greenslate, a 29-year-old La Jolla California surfer and musician who sings that he does not want a “motherf**king job” and has “f**K no” guilt about living on $200 of what he calls “free money ” — or what the government called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Benefits — while he avoids a job to hang out on the beach, sing and chase women.

Sounds strenuous. Especially the chasing women part. What does Jason do all day?

“Wake up, go down to the beach, hang out with my friends, hit on some chicks, start drinking,” Greenslate said, describing his day to Fox News’ John Roberts in an interview for the channel’s “The Great Food Stamp Binge” hosted by Bret Baier.

“I surf everyday. It’s wonderful, man. Just get away from everything, clear your head. Get out with the boys. Have a good time.” Greenslate said.

Roberts reports that Greenslate has no fixed address, instead choosing the life of a beach bum staying with family, friends and girlfriends, living off them and $200 a month in benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which he uses to buy gourmet items at the grocery store.

“I don’t got a paycheck coming in so I qualify,” Greenslate told Roberts.

Get away from everything? He doesn’t have a job, no relationship, and no permanent address. What is it exactly he’s got to get away from?

Fox News’ cameras joined Greenslate on one of his grocery shopping expeditions. With his Electronic Benefit Transfer card (EBT), the vehicle for food stamp benefits, Greenslate purchases sushi, lobster and coconut water.

“All paid for by our wonderful tax dollars,” he said with a smirk, leaving the store with his purchases.

“I’ll usually get sushi, but make it my own way, they didn’t have any good fish, so I just got the premade stuff,” he told Roberts after the grocery store visit, explaining his typical food buy.

Greenslate and his friends grilled the lobster along with chichken and hot dogs and shared the meat.

Greenslate has no intention of getting a job.

“That’s not the direction I’m going right now,” he said to Roberts, explaining his ambition is to be a rock star.

“It’s going great,” Greenslate said about his state of unemployment. “Yeah, it’s going really well.”

“This is the way I live and I don’t see anything changing,” he said, adding that he does not see anything wrong with his lifestyle on food stamps. “Why would it be bad in any way? It’s free food. It’s awesome.”

This is one, clueless Lothario. But how much blame can we place on the slim shoulders of this beach bum? I don’t know if he has a clue where these benefits are coming from. He keeps referring to it being “free” as if he doesn’t know that other people’s tax dollars are supporting him.

AEI scholar Charles Murray told Fox News “Jason [Greenslate] has cousins in every town in America.” Time to throw some cold water on Americans like Jason Greenslate and put them to work.

Here’s a video of the Fox News story: