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Darrell Issa is Winning the Internets!

Cats. Mustaches. ‘Merica. Need I say more?

According to the Washington Post, Representative Darrell Issa has learned to use the new media better than any other politician and is certainly making a splash.


Darrell Issa is winning the internets

Let’s start with Instagram because this is where Issa really shines. Every Friday, Issa posts a #FridayKitty, because as we all know, the Internet is a series of tubes, and running through those tubes are cats. Millions and billions and trillions of cats. Issa understands this–

Darrell Issa seems to understand that to make people listen to you on the internet you have to capture their interest and imagination through fun stuff.  Despite being — I think — fundamentally a serious person, he instagrams cat pictures on Friday and he instagrams funny pictures of moustaches on Thursday.

When asked why he’s on Instagram, Issa said, “Instagram was immediately one of those social networks we knew would pair perfectly with a Congress growing more visual and more mobile by the day. Focusing just on sharing photos is helping members pivot towards adding a more personal touch to posts that’s been missing from a lot of official social media.

“Instagram really lets my followers, in a digital sense, see what I’m seeing and that’s an opportunity that’s never existed before.”

In other words, he’s learned that he can, and should, circumvent the MSM to reach his constituents.  He’s reaching 40,000 of them on Facebook, and he’s also on Twitter, where he

…tweets throughout the day, and his new Twitter profile pic is that glorious mustache picture from Instagram. He retweets, he responds, he points out interesting factoids like “64 years ago today, the NBA was born.”

He is even on Reddit where he hosted an Ask Me About Anything — essentially a Reddit Townhall.

In a time where the Mainstream Media paints conservatives as out of touch and humorless, Issa is going to the people and contradicting the image — kitteh picture by kitteh picture.