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So, That Happened

Did this emperor used to have clothes?”

Arkansas senator Mark Pryor blasts the president in new comments made to the Associated Press. “[I]f you look at the president’s policies, he just doesn’t offer a lot to states like Arkansas,” Pryor, a Democrat, told the wire service. “He doesn’t offer a lot to rural America. I’ve encouraged the White House to remember rural America and remember small -town America. They just don’t have a lot of policies that are geared toward middle America.”

Pryor is one of the more vulnerable 2014 Democrats and in the South so it makes sense he would move a bit to his right. However, this strikes right at the heart of what The Idiot King is always babbling about: the middle class. To hear Himself tell the tale, his every waking hour is consumed with figuring out ways to improve the lives of middle class Americans, even if he’s not really familiar with them at all.