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Conservative Hispanic Society Rips 'Overt Pervert' Weiner and the Democrats' 'War on Women'

In a statement today, the Conservative Hispanic Society is going on offense against offensive Democrats. The statement, written by CHS Executive Director Chris Salcedo, says that the society is “saddened and outraged” at behavior exhibited by Democrats Anthony Weiner and San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. Weiner is wrapped up in his second sexting scandal in two years, while Filner is being exposed as a serial abuser and harasser of women working for, or anywhere near, him.

The CHS statement blasts Weiner as “the Democrats’ new superhero, the Overt Pervert. He displays supernatural levels of arrogance and lack of shame” for refusing to drop out of New York’s mayoral race “even after it was revealed that he continued the deviant behavior of sexting grotesque pictures of his manhood to women.” The latest woman, Sydney Leathers, says that Weiner describes himself as a “dirty old man” who is “perpetually horny.” Leathers says that Weiner is both of those things, adding that he began to behave in a jealous and controlling manner as their online sexting relationship progressed.

The CHS statement says that “CHS condemns the leaders of the Democrats’ war on women. We call on Filner to resign and Weiner to drop” out of the New York mayoral Democratic primary.

Weiner’s poll numbers have dropped sharply with the new revelations. After exposed his relationship with Leathers, Weiner has admitted to having at least two other online relationships after previous sexting led to his resignation from Congress, and he claimed to be a healed man. He led the pack of candidates last week at 25%, but has dropped to 16% support and third place.

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