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Weiner Is a Racist Too: 'Carlos Danger' Traffics in Sexual Stereotype of the Hot-Blooded 'Latin Lover'

Why did Anthony Weiner choose the screen name “Carlos Danger” for his recent online sexual exploits?

Why not “Percival Danger,” or “Kenji Danger,” or even just “Bob Danger”?

Because upper-class British twits, Japanese nerds, and American white-bread suburbanites don’t have a sexual aura.

But dashing, exotic, “dangerous” Latin lovers do ooze sexual excitement, which is why Weiner chose “Carlos Danger” over the perhaps more accurate “Melvin Boring.”

The American left just spent two weeks lecturing the nation about the evils of ethnic stereotyping (in relation to the Trayvon Martin case), but when the very next major news event itself featured a blatant example of ethnic stereotyping, the discussion is suddenly dropped. Because, if it wasn’t already obvious enough, the perpetrator is himself a liberal.

Scholars in modern academia have written countless treatises decrying the “Latin lover” stereotype which casts Hispanic men as “passionate and seductive” and dangerously sexual. How demeaning, how insulting it is to categorize people by group traits rather than treat them as individuals.

But Weiner, himself lacking any hint of exoticism or eroticism, unconsciously fell right into the racist stereotyping trap when choosing a new persona to inhabit.

The left will let him get away with it. We shouldn’t be so forgiving.

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