Rep. Wolf: Still Few Benghazi Answers as Anniversary Approaches

Virginia Republican Frank Wolf on the House floor this morning:

Wolf noted that when the House returns in September from its five-week recess, the Benghazi anniversary — and the anniversary of the 2001 terror attacks — will be just two days away.


“If Stevens was calling foreign consulates, it also begs the question, did U.S. officials in Tripoli or Washington call any allies with assets in Libya to help respond to the attack?

Furthermore, did the Pentagon contact any NATO allies with military assets in the region that could have provided assistance that night?

Given how close many of European allies are to the Mediterranean, wouldn’t they have planes or response teams stations in locations in or nearby the region that could have been mobilized upon request from Washington?

And speaking of force posture, what have we done to ensure that if another incident were to happen this September 11 that we’re prepared to respond?” 


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