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Democrat Operative Nabbed Shoplifting with Reusable Grocery Bag

Cities like Austin, TX like to boast that they’re special and enlightened because they have banned plastic grocery bags. The bans offer yet another opportunity to note that, the bans being overwhelmingly Democrat policies, they fly in the face of science. Reusable bags tend to get dirty and become germ factories, while reusable bags are single-use and sanitary. That matters when people use them to carry things like fresh vegetables and meat.

Shoplifting is another side-effect of banning plastic bags. Shoppers with ill intent bring the opaque bags into stores, load them up with a few goods but not enough to make the bags look like there’s anything in them, and try zipping out of stores without paying. Stores where plastic bags have been banned report spikes in shoplifting and serious losses follow the bans. That’s what happened in Seattle, WA.

Shoplifting and spikes in E. coli cases…what’s not to love about banning plastic bags?

Well, aside from the political entertainment, anyway…

A political consultant who last year characterized a Perth Amboy incumbent as a “stupid person” in an email was arrested over the weekend for allegedly shoplifting $22.47 worth of merchandise.

James J. Devine, 51, of Rahway was arrested around 11:05 p.m. Friday after Linden police responded to the ShopRite at 637 W. Edgar Road for a report of a shoplifter in custody.

A loss prevention officer told police he observed Devine on a surveillance camera place two bags of lettuce, a bottle of hair conditioner and a container of protein powder into a shopping bag and attempt to walk out of the store without paying for the items, valued at $22.47.

Devine says he’s innocent according to the story, and blames the cashier plus his own heat and fatigue, but mostly the cashier.

In the email, Devine said he did not have a quarter to unlock a shopping carton when he went to the store Friday to pick up a few groceries, so he put some small things in one of his reusable grocery bags before he found a free carriage near a closed register.

“I placed everything on the conveyor belt and the cashier failed to charge me for the stuff inside the bag even though she gave me a discount for the reusable bags. I was hot, tired and distracted with coupons, so I did not notice that the contents of the bag were not rung up on the register,” he said.

Devine said he does not know why the cashier did not scan the items in the reusable bag.

The MSM news story about Devine doesn’t mention his political party, so take a guess. Yeah, he’s a Democrat according to a Wikipedia entry that appears to be written by him. He’s a dedicated advocate of political reform, he’ll have you know. He’s also a kung fu fightin’ scoutmaster who, according to him, was “instrumental in the development of New Jersey’s landmark Environmental Cleanup Responsiblity Act.”

Devine even quotes his own self in the Wikipedia entry under “Positions and policies,” evidently written before the police had him assume the position.