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Artur Davis Tells Andrea Tantaros that Anthony Weiner's Platform Lacks 'Meat'

Former Rep. Artur Davis appeared on the Andrea Tantaros Show today and questioned why sexting Democrat Anthony Weiner is even running for mayor of New York. Davis, who switched parties from Democrat to Republican in 2012, told Tantaros that he knew Weiner when both served in Congress together. What he’s seeing from Weiner now just doesn’t make much political sense.

“Well to be very candid, I didn’t think that Anthony had a very good chance to win this race even before yesterday,” Davis told Tantaros. “I know that he’s been doing decently well in the polls but primaries, especially Democratic primaries, tend to break very late. The primary turnout is very unpredictable in Democratic primaries.” Davis added that the Democrats’ interest groups will be very powerful in the New York mayoral primary, and their support for Weiner never firmed up.

Tantaros asked Davis if he ever noticed anything about Weiner that might be “a little off.” Davis responded that all New York politicians tend to be a little strange to anyone not from the city. Davis represented Alabama in the US House of Representatives. The party’s left-wing policies drove him out, and into the GOP.

Davis critiqued Weiner’s campaign thus far.

“I haven’t heard him saying a whole lot other than ‘Forgive me.’ Well there are a group of voters out there who want to hear from him something about his vision for the city, and all I’ve heard him talk about on the campaign trail is we need a public [health care] option,” Davis replied. “Well the mayor of New York City is not going to have a whole lot to do with federal health care policy. And I think the mayor of New York City would find it very difficult to carve out a separate health care policy that’s different from what the country has. So, Anthony has run a campaign that’s been heavily focused on, frankly, things the mayor of New York has nothing to do with. And that may be why he’s more at risk from these scandals than say some other candidate, maybe like Mark Sanford. There’s not much that he’s saying other than hard left talking points.”

Davis added: “When he’s trying to change the subject, I think it’s hard for him to change the subject, because there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of meat to his platform and to his candidacy.”

Tantaros declined to pun or riff a “That’s what she said!” joke from Davis’ “There’s not a lot of meat” line.

Listen to the entire interview here.

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