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Biden In India-How Long Before He Offers To Buy Everyone A Burger?

An idiot abroad

Vice President Joe Biden arrived in India on Monday afternoon for a four-day visit designed to strengthen ties and lay the groundwork for a summit between Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Obama this fall in Washington.

I bring this up not just to engage in some casual bashing of Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep (which is always in order) but illustrate a point that should be keeping us awake at night. The world has not been a happy place as of late. Revolutionary turmoil, economic strife, creepy old anti-American alliances being strengthened and whatever the heck is going on in North Korea are becoming such commonplace news that it’s difficult to pick where to focus. These are delicate times, especially if you’re the reigning superpower.

And we’ve got Joe Biden and John Kerry traipsing about representing our interests.

Two very unserious men-one a complete buffoon and the other a trophy wife-are the face of the United States on other continents.

Elections have consequences and please pass the vodka.