Don't Tell Obama About This or He'll Issue a Very Stern Reminder

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Obama might even put that reminder in a tweet. If he’s mad enough.

On Monday, a group of unruly young people broke off from hundreds gathered for a Trayvon Martin prayer vigil and rushed into a Wal-Mart on Crenshaw Boulevard, where they tossed merchandise and tried to break into a jewelry display case.

In Hollywood on Tuesday night, a flash mob of thieves rushed down Hollywood Boulevard, stealing phones, knocking over tourists and vandalizing shops, according to police, who said it may have been related to the George Zimmerman verdict. Twelve people — 11 juveniles and one 18-year-old — were arrested on suspicion of robbery.

On Wednesday night in Victorville, authorities arrested 17 people after a group allegedly tried to force its way into the Mall of Victor Valley.


Earlier today, President Obama said that if he saw any violence in relation to any Trayvon vigils or protests, he would remind the rioters that they’re not honoring what happened to Trayvon.

So don’t tell him about these “bash mobs.” Rioters won’t like Obama when he’s angrily dictating to his social media staff.


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