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Remember when the Media Sneered at NBC for Hiring Luke Russert? Me Neither.

Hey mainstream media, you’re showing your bias again. Yesterday the Daily Caller sent an intern to the White House press briefing to ask Jay Carney a question. The intern, who is still in high school, asked the toughest question of the day. He asked whether Obama planned to help out the Zimmerman family now that they’re facing death threats from all over the nation following the left’s widespread refusal to accept the verdict in George Zimmerman’s trial.

Many in the media — usual suspects, mostly, like the execrable Jonathan Chait — have used the occasion to tweet their mockery of the intern and the Daily Caller.

What’s their exact problem here? That a young man got a golden opportunity and made the most of it? That he asked a question none of the so-called mainstream press had the gumption to ask? Or is it simply that he’s not a part of their aristocratic guild?

The media didn’t go ballistic with NBC made a national correspondent out of a college student a few years ago. In 2008, weeks after the death of longtime NBC man Tim Russert, the network hired his son Luke to cover the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention that year. The younger Russert was then still attending Boston College. Rather than note that NBC had hired an unqualified person based on his family connection to the network — nepotism — the New York Times played up Russert’s paltry resume, which itself had been built on Luke Russert’s father’s career. Young Russert’s career at NBC since then has mostly been unremarkable, as was Chelsea Clinton’s “journalistic” career at NBC. Well, that’s not entirely true. Russert has stood out for making goofy liberal assumptions, and Clinton has stood out for her robotic, passionless on-camera persona.

So what’s your problem, Jonathan Chait? If you can stop insulting the Daily Caller with juvenile hits long enough to stop and think, what exactly is your problem with allowing a young man into the White House briefing room?