Cross-Dressing Army Invades Congo

Um, ok.

GOMA: Fresh fighting has erupted in eastern Congo, after more than 100 armed men disguised in women’s clothing entered the country from Rwanda, say residents.

The heavy fighting between the Congo army and M23 rebels resumed Monday morning after starting on Sunday following the arrival of the armed men in women’s clothes, say local inhabitants.

“They were wearing kikwembe” – a Congolese shawl worn by women – “over their uniforms, and women’s headscarves,” said Bifumbu Ruhira, a farmer at the village of Kanyarucinya on the front line between the Congolese army and the M23 rebels, who started fighting the government last year.

Ruhira told the Associated Press he saw the oddly dressed combatants get off two trucks on the Rwandan side and run across the border. “They were wearing kikwembe to confuse us, to conceal the fact they were soldiers,” he said. “The whole village was afraid and I said to my wife, ‘Get to Goma,'” he said, naming the nearby provincial capital which he thought would be safe from the fighting.




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