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Gohmert on Rubio: Bless His Little 'Naive' Soul

A House opponent of the immigration reform bill teased Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) for his naivety in drafting the bill with the Group of Eight.

Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-Texas) said on Fox yesterday “we could agree on an immigration bill, but we have to have border security first.”

“Eighty plus, I think, percent of the American people, over 60 percent of Hispanic adults, they all agree you’ve got to have border security before any kind of immigration bill,” he said.

On the Senate GOP’s main champion of reform, Gohmert said, “I say I love Marco Rubio.”

“You’ve got to love that naive, trusting spirit. He’s just such a really sweet guy in the nicest sense of the world,” he continued. “He really believes that this administration’s going to all of a sudden out of the blue start securing the border when they won’t even enforce their own Obamacare that they passed without any Republicans.”

Gohmert said the House is “resolved” to not “pass any immigration bill until such time as the southern border is secured as confirmed by the four border states.”

“And once that border is secured as confirmed — not by Janet Napolitano, we couldn’t trust that — but by the board of governors or legislature, whatever they want to do, then we can move forward very quickly on the rest of this immigration bill. But we can’t trust this immigration to maybe the president will all of a sudden for the first time really start following the law when it comes to security of the border,” he said.

“We’re not catching but a fraction of them, regardless of what Secretary Napolitano says about 84, 87 percent. They’re not catching a fraction of them, and the people that are coming in. And it’s the most scary part of what are termed OTMs, the other than Mexican. You know, we don’t worry about Mexicans coming in to create problems. I welcome Hispanic immigration. But it needs to be legal, and we have got to root out those people who are coming in illegally that want to destroy the country.”

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