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Five Things Every Modern Man Should be Able to Do

Over at Ace’s blog, Maetenloch offers an incomplete list of four things every modern man should be able to do.

4. Build a fire

3. Run a mile

2. Change a car tire

1. Divide up a bill

The list comes from the city boys at Cracked. They forgot one:

Handle a firearm.

And along with that, know basic things like the fact that semiautomatic firearms aren’t any more powerful than other firearms. Know what a magazine is. That sort of thing.

The state of Illinois joined modern constitutional civilization today and concealed carry is now legal there. Some states have legalized open carry. Whatever the law is in your state, you can now obtain a permit to carry a firearm. Whether you decide to do that or not, it’s manly (and also womanly) to learn how to handle a firearm. The right to do so is right there in the Constitution, at least until Obama supporters decide to get the Bill of Rights repealed.