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Wendy Davis Won't Filibuster Abortion Bill This Time

US News reports that #standwithwendy will become obsolete this week. The only Texas woman that the media appears to know about will not filibuster in the second session.

A spokesman for Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis, who stood and spoke for more than 12 hours to help kill the bill last week, says she won’t filibuster the legislation a second time.

“You can’t have a 30-day filibuster,” says spokesman Rick Svatora. “The point is [Republicans] mismanaged things so badly the first time around it allowed a filibuster to occur. The Lt. Gov. [David Dewhurst] has pledged he won’t allow that to happen this time around.”

Dewhurst has come under sharp criticism for not dealing with Davis’ filibuster last week. It appears that he’s ready this time. We’ll find out soon enough — the bill is on this afternoon’s calendar.

Update: The Senate won’t see any action on the bill until July 9, as it’s adjourned until then. Today’s action is in the House.