The Beginning of the End for Morsi?

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt appears to be near the end as the country’s powerful military has stepped in on the side of the protesters against Mohamed Morsi’s rule.


The military showed the last president, Hosni Mubarak, the door in a similar manner in 2011.

From Al-Arabiya:

Egyptian Armed Forces issues a 48 hour ultimatum to all Egyptian forces to reach a resolution or face military “road map” that “will not exclude anyone.”

The statement came after mass nationwide protests demanding the ouster of Islamist President Mohammad Mursi.

Opposition leader Hamdeen Sabbahi called on Sunday for military intervention if Mursi refused to step down refused to quit.

“The armed forces must act, because they have always been on the side of the people” which “has expressed its will”, said Sabbahi, a candidate in the previous presidential elections.

On Sunday, the armed forces said the number of protesters was “unprecedented” and army helicopters flew overhead in Cairo and Alexandria and sometimes dropping Egyptian flags on protesters.

… “The armed forces have the obligation to intervene to stop Egypt from plunging into a dark tunnel of conflict and infighting,” the army chief warned on the eve of the first anniversary of President Mohammed Mursi’s election as opposition leaders clamored for his resignation, AFP reported.

“The Armed Forces repeats its call to respond to the people’s demands and give everyone a 48-hour deadline to carry the burden of these historic circumstances. [The Armed Forces] won’t tolerate anyone doing less than what’s needed to carry their responsibility,” the statement from the military leaders read.





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