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So, 'Hernandezing' Is a Thing Now

Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez may be the NFL’s first serial killer. He’s suspected in three killings, meeting the definition of serial killer if not the pop culture image of one. If he’s guilty of even one of them, then, obviously, he’s a murderer.

The image of his arrest Thursday vent viral.

Arrest Of New England Patriots Player Aaron Hernandez

There’s even a definition for “Hernandezing.”

1. Must be a white t-shirt.

2. Hands must be together in the back, as if cuffed.

3. Red shorts is always a plus.

4. Need dour expression. No smiling.

5. Extra credit for being met at the door by your friends, and then being led out and loaded into a car.

An example of “Hernandezing.” Also, bad parenting.


There are actually two types of “Hernandezing,” the above and another, in which people photograph themselves holding up guns in imitation of a self-shot photo that TMZ published.

Both versions are unbelievably dopey and sad.

The man may be a serial killer. So let’s take pics of our kids imitating him and blast them worldwide on the Internet where they will exist forever!

You know, I kind of liked the “Tebowing” craze. In order to “Tebow,” you have to bow and assume a position that at least looks like you know that you’re not the center of the universe. “Tebowing” mimics a man who was sincerely and publicly praying.

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But “Hernandezing” is mimicking a man on a perp walk for suspicion that he killed three people.

I don’t even know what to say about it.