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US Begins Shipping Weapons to Syrian Rebels

Let’s hope US intel does a better job vetting these rebels than it did vetting Edward Snowden. On the other hand, the White House vetted this guy and apparently found that is pro-terrorist credentials were sufficient to let him in.

WASHINGTON —The Central Intelligence Agency has begun moving weapons to Jordan from a network of secret warehouses and plans to start arming small groups of vetted Syrian rebels within a month, expanding U.S. support of moderate forces battling President Bashar al-Assad, according to diplomats and U.S. officials briefed on the plans.

The shipments, related training and a parallel push to mobilize arms deliveries from European and Arab allies are being timed to allow a concerted push by the rebels starting by early August, the diplomats and officials said, revealing details of a new covert plan authorized by President Barack Obama and disclosed earlier this month.

The CIA is expected to spend up to three weeks bringing light arms and possibly antitank missiles to Jordan.

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