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The Lightbringer Could Have His Windmill Tilting Climate Agenda Ready By Next Week

Middle East is burning, his administration is scandal-plagued, millions are still out of work but, hey, this guy is locked in to what’s important.

President Barack Obama is likely to roll out a number of measures on climate policy, potentially including a strategy to limit greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants, in a speech on Tuesday, sources familiar with the plans told Reuters.

The potential move on power utilities, which account for roughly 40 percent of the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions, will come as Obama sets the fight to curb climate change as a priority for his second term.

Regulations are still pending on yet-to-be-built power plants, after the Environmental Protection Agency in April missed a deadline to roll out emissions rules.

But environmentalists have been pushing the administration to go after a bigger target, and set tighter standards for the roughly 1,400 coal-fired burners that are already feeding the nation’s electric grid.

The bloom has been off of The Idiot King’s second term rose for quite some time now and he desperately needs for at least one of his signature “fundamental transformations” of American society work out. He didn’t get it with comprehensive gun legislation and he isn’t going to get exactly what he wants with immigration so this is where his focus has actually been for a while. And thanks to the Executive overreach that Democrats have come to embrace now that George W. Bush isn’t in office, he doesn’t need to deal with the pesky legislative process to get it done.

You didn’t really think he’d forgotten about his promise to bankrupt the coal industry, did you?