In Rubio-Schumer's America, Crime Pays If You've Already Broken the Law

Did you know that if the Rubio-Schumer immigration bill becomes law, illegal aliens caught drunk driving will get at least three strikes before they’re deported? That domestic abusers — wife and girlfriend beaters — will get the same benefit?


Take a look. For illegal aliens in America, crime pays. In fact, under Rubio-Schumer, they will be treated better than US citizens and legal residents.

Crime Pays Under S744 Chart_6192013 (2) (2) - Copy

That Sen. Chuck Schumer is pushing this bill is no surprise. Democrats coddle criminals and they’re banking on this bill bringing millions of undocumented Democrats out of the shadows. But Republicans believe in law and order. This bill fundamentally violates the basic rule of law.

h/t FAIR, Anita MonCrief


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