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WikiLeaks Says Michael Hastings Believed the FBI Was Investigating Him

Ok, the source is WikiLeaks. Still, in light of how Hastings’ short career ended and the stories he was working on…

Questions persist following the death of Michael Hastings Tuesday, after reports that the award-winning journalist told WikiLeaks the government was watching him.

WikiLeaks tweeted a message to their millions of followers Wednesday stating that the 33-year-old author and war correspondent had contacted the organization’s lawyer to say he was being watched by the FBI.

The body in the car was burned so badly that it took dental records to identify as Hastings. This video shows the inferno that engulfed Hastings’ Mercedes C250 after it slammed into a tree and exploded, causing nearby windows to rattle and throwing the engine block about 30 to 40 yards from the car.

A witness does say that he saw Hastings’ car running a red light and speeding shortly before the crash. The witness in the video says it looked like the car was going about 100 miles per hour. I’d like to see some physics on the speed and force necessary to throw the engine block as far as this one flew.

I’m sure you’re as comforted as I am to know that the LAPD suspects no foul play in Hastings’ death.

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