House Rejects Porky Senate Farm Bill

Earlier today the GOP-controlled US House voted down the farm spending bill. The nearly trillion dollar bill deals with agricultural policy and welfare spending. It was full of pork.


The bill went down 195-234. Votes against it were bipartisan, with 62 Republicans voting against it and only 24 Democrats voting for it.

Speaker Boehner fails to learn any lessons from this.

The vote is a blow to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and other Republican leaders who for two years have failed to move farm policy forward. The issue has badly divided Republicans.

Immediately after the vote, Republicans were apoplectic at what they characterized as a betrayal by Democratic leaders, who did not deliver the votes they promised.

“The Democrats walked away from this,” Speaker John Boehner, who cast a rare vote in favor of the bill, told The Hill as he walked off the House floor.

Newsflash for Boehner: The Democrats walked away from the Iraq war that they voted to authorize. They can’t be trusted. Their word is absolutely worthless.






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