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SCOTUS Strikes Down Arizona Voter Registration Law (Judicial Watch Reacts)

Bloomberg reports:

The U.S. Supreme Court threw out an Arizona law that required evidence of citizenship when people register to vote, in a victory for minority-rights advocates and the Obama administration.

The justices, voting 7-2, said Arizona’s proof-of-citizenship law runs afoul of a federal statute that sets out registration requirements.


Alabama, Kansas and Georgia have similar laws, which require presentation of proof of citizenship when registering to vote under the Motor Voter law.

Update: Judicial Watch reacts to the court’s decision, in a statement just released.

(Washington, DC) – “The integrity of our nation’s elections suffered a blow today from the Supreme Court.  This issue takes on increasing urgency with the prospect of 11 million illegal immigrants being given amnesty.  It is essential that our elections be secured by ensuring that only citizens register to vote.”


Tom Fitton


Judicial Watch

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