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Ricochet: 'What's The Point Of Citizenship?'

Good question.

The Supreme Court is playing for the home team again. First it was John Roberts making the fed’s case for the Obamacare penalty being a constitutionally justifiable tax. Now the Court has ruled that federal Motor Voter registration supersedes and nullifies Arizona’s Voter ID law. Just whose rights do the Supremes think they’re protecting anyway?

So, I ask myself, “Self? Why should I retain my citizenship?” I already feel like a resident alien. Why not make it official? Then maybe the government wouldn’t be so interested in my race, ethnicity, religion, gun ownership, sexual orientation, and dialing and internet surfing habits. And if it meant not having to pay federal income taxes, I could stop supporting Planned Parenthood and other unjust redistributive and idiotic schemes (Cash for Clunkers) imposed by Leviathan. We’re unlikely to see any of the so-called “benefits” of programs we’ve been paying into for years anyway, once the reality of math hits home.

A US passport used to have some cachet, but now it’s just as likely to get you harassed or worse.


Perhaps the denigration of the value of citizenship is merely a reflection of the cognitive dissonance a self-hating American experiences when put in the position of governing America.


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