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PSST! Ed Markey...The Hill Never Reported What You've Just Tweeted

Ed Markey doesn’t read the news.  It’s either that, or he’s exceptionally awful with Twitter.  On Monday, the congressman tweeted that the Hill reported on June 1 that Gabriel Gomez, his opponent, would be “key to Republican attempts to obstruct President Obama’s agenda.”  There’s only one problem: the Hill never said that.  It came from Markey’s own ad, which was the basis for the Hill ‘s story.  Therefore, what Markey tweeted was an abject lie.  Here’s what Russell Berman reported:

The Markey campaign produced a web video highlighting the money pitch and characterizing a Gomez victory as key to Republican attempts to obstruct President Obama’s agenda. “Mitch McConnell led Republicans creating gridlock in the U.S. Senate,” reads a message in the video. It cites McConnell’s opposition to Wall Street reform, an assault weapons ban and the Violence Against Women Act.

The video plays an excerpt of a McConnell speech from before the 2012 election, when he said the GOP’s top “political priority” was denying Obama a second term. “Don’t let national Republicans get their way,” reads another message

Luckily, JB Britten at Judicial Watch caught this egregious lie.  Additionally, the ad is quite confusing.  Obama did get a second term, the so-called obstructionism over gun control was bipartisan, and Obama’s agenda is virtually stalled with his scandals.  One-third of the House committees are investigating his presidency, his attorney general may have perjured himself, and Obamacare is opposed by 54% of the American people.  Republicans didn’t do that, somebody else made that happen.  Guess who?

Yet, for now, conservatives can openly mock Congressman Markey for not properly reading news about his own campaign.

The special election to fill John Kerry’s vacancy will be held on June 25.