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Democrat: Give the IR$ Even More Money If You Don't Want More Abuse

Proof positive that Democrats are insane? Maybe. During today’s hearing on IRS abuse of President Obama’s opponents, Rep. Jose Serrano (D-NY) said that “There is no clearer way to promote more scandals than by cutting funding. At the level this subcommittee is funding right now, we are just asking for more trouble at the IRS and elsewhere.”

The IRS itself isn’t even making this argument. Pay us more, or we’ll abuse you more.

That’s what Rep. Jose Serrano is saying. Pay the IRS more, or expect even more abuse from it.

That is extortion. Straight up. From the Democrats’ ranking member on the House Appropriations Committee.

In the real world outside Serrano’s mind, the agency reportedly spent $50 million on conferences and “training” over the last three years. Do they really need even more money? Does money have anything at all to do with what the IRS did? Or is Serrano’s gambit an attempt to distract from the role that politics — not money — played in the IRS abusing Barack Obama’s opponents, systematically, for years.

Thanks to ObamaCare, the IRS is not only not destitute, it is hiring thousands of new agents. Because the IRS will oversee the implementation of ObamaCare.

Before allowing the IRS to intrude into our health care, shouldn’t Democrats like Rep. Serrano have made sure that the agency can even do its current job without becoming an abusive monster?

Serrano’s argument is another bite at the anti-spending cut apple. They tried the same scam after Benghazi, blaming budget cuts for the Clinton State Department’s decisions to leave the mission there exposed. Everywhere a Democrat sees a reduction in the growth of government spending, they see an opportunity to lie about the consequences while demanding even more money, and blaming Republicans for every single bad thing that happens anywhere.