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How Fox Ought to Handle Eric Holder's Thuggish Off-the-Record Meeting on Press Freedom (Updated)

Some media are in, some media are out of AG Eric Holder’s confab on press freedom. Fox has yet to announce its decision, though its reporters and a producer were subjected to Holder’s snooping. The attorney general even accused Fox’s James Rosen of criminal co-conspiracy, for doing his job, in order to obtain the search warrant against him. Holder’s warrant may have been part of the Obama administration’s larger war on Fox, which has been going on for years.

Perhaps Fox should decide to attend the meeting. It should send James Rosen as its representative. He should walk into the room and sit directly across from Holder. As Holder begins to speak, Rosen should take out a small video camera, hit RECORD, and set it on the table pointed at Holder. Dare him to order Rosen, his snooping victim, to shut the camera off, while it rolls. Whatever Holder does, make it known to him that whatever he says will be reported and will be shared with news outlets who have chosen not to be present, and dare him to declare the meeting “off-the-record.”

Update: Chris Wallace says that Fox will not attend the meeting. Fox joins the New York Times, Huffington Post, AP, CNN and McClatchy in refusing to attend Holder’s off-the-record meeting…on press freedom.