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[VIDEO] Watch Sens. Schumer and Franken Scurry Away from Questions about IRS Abuse Scandal

There’s a word for what Sen. Al Franken is after this video’s debut. That word is “busted.”

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In Jason Mattera’s latest successful effort to speak truth to the powerful, Sen. Franken claims that he didn’t sent letters to the IRS asking it to single out and investigate Tea Party groups.

Um, one problem with that story. It’s not true.

Sen. Al Franken,D-Minn., Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., and five other Democratic Party U.S. Senators sent a secret memorandum to former Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Doug Schulman in February 2012, to learns if his investigators planned to probe social welfare organizations that participated in political causes and issues-based campaigns.

“We urge the IRS to take these steps immediately to prevent abuse of the tax code by political groups focused on federal election activities. But if the IRS is unable to issue administrative guidance in this area then we plan to introduce legislation to accomplish these important changes,” according to the signatories.

The letter sent to Schulman in March had a more stern tone and recommendations for cracking down on “questionable practices.”
Sens. Schumer and Franken appear to be more involved in the IRS shenanigans than they let on, according to letters to the IRS.