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Fake-Fired IRS Chief Miller Admits It was His Idea to Plant Question that Kicked Off IRS Abuse Scandal

Last week, outgoing fake-fired IRS acting chief Steven Miller admitted that Lois Lerner’s apology started with a planted question. Today, Miller admitted that planting the question was his idea.


Miller made the admission in a Senate hearing today. During the House IRS scandal hearing last week, Miller was evasive about the planted question.

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QUESTION: Did you or any of your subordinates direct Ms. Lerner to make the public statement at the panel discussion acknowledging the targeting of tax-exempt groups?
MILLER: Um, it was a prepared Q&A.

Today Miller acknowledged that it was a Q&A that sprang from his mind, also allowing that it was an “incredibly bad idea.”

It has taken two rounds of hearings after the fake apology with the fake-fired commissioner just to get this one admission out of Miller. This scandal isn’t going away anytime soon, nor should it.