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CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson's Computers were Compromised

Shortly after she began her dogged work on the Fast and Furious scandal, CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson says her home and work computers were compromised.

“I can confirm that an intrusion of my computers has been under some investigation on my end for some months but I’m not prepared to make an allegation against a specific entity today as I’ve been patient and methodical about this matter,” Attkisson told POLITICO on Tuesday. “I need to check with my attorney and CBS to get their recommendations on info we make public.”

In an earlier interview with WPHT Philadelphia, Attkisson said that though she did not know the full details of the intrustion, “there could be some relationship between these things and what’s happened to James [Rosen],” the Fox News reporter who became the subject of a Justice Dept. investigation after reporting on CIA intelligence about North Korea in 2009.

Attkisson is being careful as she should be. But in 2011, she told radio host Laura Ingraham that a DOJ employee had screamed and swore at her over her Fast and Furious reporting.

I’m certainly not the one to make the case for DOJ and White House about what I’m doing wrong. They will tell you that I’m the only reporter–as they told me–that is not reasonable. They say the Washington Post is reasonable, the LA Times is reasonable, the New York Times is reasonable, I’m the only one who thinks this is a story, and they think I’m unfair and biased by pursuing it.

Given what the DOJ has done to the Associated Press and several Fox News employees, it’s by no means unthinkable that it could have targeted Attkisson, too. Fast and Furious was a DOJ scandal, after all.