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A Second Kermit Gosnell? In Texas?

With the conclusion of the trial involving Philly abortionist Kermit Gosnell, another may be in the works.  This time we’re in Texas.  Sordid details have been documented about  an abortionist, who twisted the heads off of babies.  Additionally, he allegedly ripped living babies apart during the procedure.  As Live Action’s investigation into the late-term abortion industry have exposed, Gosnell is not alone.

Steven Ertelt at Life News reported today that three women:

Deborah Edge, Gigi Aguliar, and Krystal Rodriguez, have come forward to tell of their horrific experiences working for abortionist Douglas Karpen, at one of three of his Texas abortion clinics, the Aaron Women’s Clinic in Houston. A fourth informant has co-operated with Operation Rescue, filing an affidavit about her experiences, but remains at this time anonymous.

The pictures these women took of the dead children are graphic, disturbing, and were beyond 24 weeks, making them illegal abortions.

…show babies that are huge, with gashes in their necks, indicating that these babies were likely born alive, then killed, just as Kermit Gosnell did at his ‘House of Horrors’ clinic in Philadelphia,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “In fact, there are numerous similarities between Karpen and the Gosnell case, including the disregarding of complaints by the authorities that allowed both men to continue their illegal operations.”

Deborah Edge “described how some babies would emerge too soon and would be alive, moving, and breathing. She also told of how Karpen would sometimes deliver the babies feet first with the toes wiggling until he stabbed them with a surgical implement. At the moment the toes would suddenly splay out before going limp. Sometimes he would kill the babies by “twisting the head off the neck.

That’s not all.  In 2005, a sewer broke at Karpen’s Texas Ambulatory Surgical Center, and its contents spilled onto a neighboring parking lots of a car dealership. According to Ertelt, “Maribeth Smith, an employee of the car dealership said she is convinced she saw human body parts mixed in with the sewage. She took photographs, believing the human tissue came from the clinic.”  Edge also made a list of felonious activity occurring at Karpen’s clinic.

  • Falsification of ultrasounds to produce younger fetal ages of babies over the legal limit or older fetal ages to extract more money out of women.
  • Fraudulent billing practices.
  • Surgical equipment not properly sterilized.
  • Reuse of disposable instruments.
  • Unqualified workers drawing and administering drugs.
  • Late-term abortions done at 28 weeks and later. (Texas law permits only to 24 weeks.)
  • Lack of adequate nursing staff.
  • Concealing poorly kept logs from inspectors to prevent deficiency citations.
  • Hiring nurses through a temp agency to work only on days when inspections are scheduled.
  • Mistreating heavy women and inappropriately touching attractive women while under sedation.
  • Sexual harassment.

The notion of a “Kermit Gosnell” operating in Texas is so offensive to Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, that he’s ordered an investigation into Karpen.

In a week when serial murderer Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of killing babies, I read with disgust about the allegations of Houston-based abortionist Douglas Karpen performing illegal late-term abortions surrounded by appalling sanitary conditions in his clinic…the Harris County authorities should perform a full-scale investigation and take action against those who broke state law.”

Let’s see how this turns out.  Let’s see how this turns out. In the meantime, Sen. Richard Blumenthal could stop blocking abortion resolution in the wake of Gosnell, and health officials in all 50 states should respond to the congressional letter asking them what are they doing to prevent other Gosnells from operating.  Sadly, in Texas, it seems one has already made it his home.