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NAACP Chair Emeritus Backs IRS Targeting of Conservatives

Former NAACP chairman Julian Bond is perfectly fine with government coming down unfairly on people he hates. “Hates,” by the way, is not too strong a word. On MSNBC today, Bond dubbed the Tea Party the “Taliban wing of American politics” while opining that it’s fine with him if the IRS targets them while his group keeps its tax exempt status.

“I don’t think there’s a double standard at all,” Bond said. “I think it’s entirely legitimate to look at the tea party.”

“I mean, here are a group of people who are admittedly racist, who are overtly political, who tried as best they can to harm President [Barack] Obama in every way they can,” Bond continued.

“They are the Taliban wing of American politics and we all ought to be a little worried about them,” Bond asserted.

When asked if his assessment of the Tea Party was “a little harsh,” Bond said that it was not. “The truth hurts,” Bond insisted.

Video at the link. Bond starts off with a lie, accusing the Tea Party of being “admittedly racist.” The literal meaning of Bond’s words is that the Tea Party itself admits to being racist. When has that happened? Bond here has launched one of those “When did you stop beating your wife?” attacks, to which there is no good response to a false allegation. It’s fundamentally unfair and dishonest.

The NAACP accused then Gov. George W. Bush of being complicit in a black man’s murder. Under Bush, Texas convicted and eventually executed one of the men responsible for that crime. What more could he have done? No one from the NAACP has the right to call anyone else “overtly political” or accuse anyone of racism. George W. Bush’s chief sins in the Byrd murder were being white and being a Republican.

This morning I asked if liberals believe that conservatives are due fair treatment under the law. That wording was overly broad on my part, but Julian Bond proves that at least some liberals do not believe conservatives deserve fair treatment under the law. He believes the law should be used as a weapon against them.

Given what the NAACP is supposed to stand for, Bond’s stand is horribly ironic. And dangerous.