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Obama Administration Considering Releasing Boston Bombers' College Transcripts. Wait, What?

The Boston Herald reports that the Obama administration is considering a move that, if the Boston bombers were Republicans, it would have made long ago.

The Obama administration will decide “in the coming days” whether taxpayers have a right to know if they helped fund the UMass education of four suspects linked to the Boston Marathon bombing investigation, the Herald has learned.

The University of Mass­achusetts Dartmouth — which has stonewalled 
requests for the financial aid records of terror suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and three students accused of covering up for him — requested an “exception” to federal law from the U.S. Department of Education on Friday.

“We are reviewing the letter and expect to have a 
reply in the coming days,” U.S. Department of Education spokesman Jim Bradshaw told the Herald.

Obama won his US Senate seat in 2004 after the sealed divorce records of Jack Ryan, the Republican who was the front-runner at the time, mysteriously turned up in time to knock him out of the race. That victory paved the way for Obama to become a backbencher in the Senate, and then win the presidency four years later.

Obama’s own college transcripts remain under seal and are likely never to be released.