The PJ Tatler

The Mother of All Goofs

You may have seen a Tatler post of mine up this morning going into excruciating detail about how two Iowa Democrats were convicted of fraud in getting President Obama on the ballot in 2008 primary.

I got so excited and carried away in explaining the counterfactual possibility that Obama would never have been elected president, that I failed to notice that the Democrats were not from the state of Iowa, but rather Indiana.


I’ve been writing for PJ Media for 6 years and have had my own blog going on 9. I’ve made many errors of fact and omission during that time, having written more than 3700 blog posts and articles, but I can’t recall being so careless as to get a fundamental fact of a story so massively wrong — and then failing to notice the error until it was pointed out in the comments.

So as I wipe the egg off my face and pick myself up off the floor, I would like to apologize for this inexcusable mistake. I’d like to say it won’t happen again, but being human, you and I both know that it is a fool’s promise to underestimate our ability to make asses of ourselves.

Rick Moran
Chicago Editor