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ObamaCareFail Update

Since I’m no longer required to watch the Sunday morning shows, I don’t. Because ew. But that means I miss some classic moments like this one, of former Obama advisor Zeke (Rahm’s bro) Emanuel admitting that, yep, ObamaCare is causing premiums to rise.

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That dovetails nicely with David Freddoso’s report on how Congress is wriggling to get out from under the ObamaCare mandates they burdened themselves with on that fateful March day in 2010:

Congress actually bound itself, by law, to dump its employees’ health plans and force them into the exchanges. It was something Republicans (I think rightly) insisted on as a condition of imposing Obamacare on the rest of America, and Democrats went along.

But it means that staffers on the Hill — many of them new hires within the last year or two, and making pretty low wages for D.C. — will be the first to feel the pain that their immediate predecessors decided to inflict on millions of others. Unfortunately, the people who actually inflicted the pain by drafting and passing Obamacare are former Democratic staffers and members who have since gone on to high six-figure jobs lobbying and (ahem) “consulting” for the drug, health care and insurance industries. (Why, someone has to help companies comply with the law they wrote!)

Freddoso concludes with a peek inside John Boehner’s brain:

But he has to be smiling on the inside about the political result, because there’s no way for him to lose. If the talks fail, then all the sob stories about congressional staff and complaints about a “brain drain” on Capitol Hill become an automatic indictment of Obamacare. If the talks succeed, and Congress does exempt itself, the potential blowback for Democrats in 2014 is limitless.

Sure, it’s nice politics. But it’s still crappy policy, and one which is already costing Americans money and putting up big barriers between us and our physicians.