The PJ Tatler

ObamaCare May Be Repealed on Capitol Hill

More Americans may soon avoid the specter and expense of ObamaCare if House and Senate leaders can make a deal to exempt…themselves and their own staffers.

Apparently, there’s fear on the hill of a massive “brain drain,” not from the normal periodic Congressional zombie attack, but from the financial burden imposed on low wage Congressional staffers by the president’s signature (and perhaps singular) policy achievement. In addition, we’ve already learned of the imminent loss of Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), one of the engineers of ObamaCare who, last week, called its implementation a “huge train wreck.”

A Capitol Hill ObamaCare exemption is, of course, good news which you should greet with the same rejoicing you would experience on the deck of the Titanic as you watched the final lifeboat lowered. Aren’t you just glad that somebody escaped?

Although you and I may still face the dangers of the new law, perhaps we can vicariously enjoy being snatched from peril knowing that our Congressional representatives and employees are safe from its clutches.