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Cellphone Video of Shootout with Boston Bombers, and Did the Younger Brother Tweet Supporting Gun Control? (Update: No)

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This cell phone video was evidently captured down the street from the gun battle that resulted in the death of one of the Boston bombing suspects, early this morning.


Below, what may be the most ironic tweet in the history of Twitter.


That’s from the Twitter feed of Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, December 17. His profile pic matches the one on the VK page, which was changed on that page on March 19, 2013. Other tweets in the stream are mostly about English Premiere League soccer. The last tweet was on December 27, when he tweeted “#WorstThingInFootball Suarez,” referring to Liverpool striker Luis Suarez. The week of Dec. 27 last year, Suarez was in the midst of controversy for diving and accused cheating.

video h/t Washington Examiner

Update: Some on Twitter believe the account is a fake. The timeline does match events that were going on well outside politics at the time. I happen to follow Premiere League soccer and remember the events the account mentions. The Suarez controversy was huge back in December. The prior tweet, “You’re getting sacked in the morning!” #Benitez refers to Chelsea FC interim manager Rafa Benitez. Chelsea was struggling at the time, and club fans hate him for comments he made as manager of Liverpool a few years ago.


I’m keeping an open mind here, the account could be fake but at the point looks legit. Whoever wrote those tweets was tweeting about real world, non-political events as they were happening and were in the news.

UPDATE: According to BuzzFeed, Dzhokhar is a registered voter.

Update: Both were evidently registered voters. Neither were/are citizens of the US.

Update: The Twitter account above is indeed a fake.

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