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The Whimpering of the Lambs

There were two tragedies at the Boston Marathon. The first was obvious: One or more cowards planted bombs at the finish line in a terrorist attack. The second was not so obvious, but was more terrifying.

Patriots Day in Boston (April 15) is a celebration of the beginning of our War for Independence. Britain’s King George ordered his troops to disarm the colonists, but without waiting for “professionals” to take action, real people gathered together with their arms and said “no more” in the only way that works against those bent on using force to strip them of Liberty. Curiously, these firearms would have been called “assault weapons” by anti-freedom propagandists of the time, since they were functionally more similar to military arms than the cosmetically enhanced rifles trying to be banned by today’s feudalists.

Our boy king spluttered that those who did this dreadful act will “feel the full weight of justice.” It reminded me of a scared and angry child screaming at a bully’s back, after gaining a safe distance, “my mommy’s going to get you.” But Obama’s our president, and as such represents the group gestalt of our country, which has become a nation of sheep. Now, instead of grabbing a gun and fighting back, we have people grabbing their ankles and scurrying home to hide.

“They can give me a cavity search right now and I’d be perfectly happy,” said Daniel Wood, a video producer from New York City who was waiting for a train.

These days, we’re supposed to dial 911 and wait like a shelf fungus for help to arrive. After all, Homer Simpson, barely more sentient than a fungus, got elected Sanitation Commissioner on the slogan “Can’t someone else do it?” These days, it’s cool to be a Homer Sapiens.

We send our real men (and women) off to Afghanistan to fight for a corrupt despot who wants to benefit from the opium trade and oppress the masses, defending him against the Taliban pretenders who want to be Afghanistan’s preeminent thugs running the opium trade and oppressing the masses.

Senator Obama wanted to end the war and bring our troops home. President Obama knows that the best way to cull the sheepdogs from the herd is to appeal to their patriotism and banishing them to meaningless meat grinders to allegedly promote democracy to those with even less interest in personal Liberty that our own leaders. This way, they can’t come home and infect people with the concepts of individual liberty and initiative that once created America; real men and women who know that there are better things than living and worse things than dying.

What happened to One Nation Under God? When did it become politically incorrect to praise Godly attributes like courage, personal responsibility, and creativity? Nowadays, we celebrate victimhood, because we’re told we haven’t the aptitude to provide for our own survival. Children are supposedly wiser than adults, because ignorance has been transmuted into glorious innocence, so the ultimate goal of modern enlightenment is to remain infantile. Education has become indoctrination, because we needn’t know more than how to obtain a free Obamaphone and apply for food stamps. We’ve become One Nation Under Government.

Returning veterans have understandably been called terrorists by our own Department of Homeland Security: They threaten those whose goal in life is to grab onto and expand power for themselves.

Clearly, mass murderers prefer bombs to guns. Bombs are far more efficient, and safer for the attacker. They can be made with materials easily obtained from home, hardware store, or, for the truly lazy terrorist, the internet. There’s no background checks, no black market risks. Bombs can be deployed without running afoul of a sheepdog offering armed resistance. Instead of wasting time shooting one person at a time, one bomb can kill and wound dozens or even hundreds in moments.

Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino is co-chair of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns. After Newtown, this group wasted no time manipulating a grieving public into supporting their not-so-clandestine agenda of disarming Americans, all in the name of safety.

Where’s their call to ban assault pressure cookers? Where’s Senator Dianne Feinstein’s demand that we limit package sizes on nails and ball bearings? What about Senator Chuck Schumer demanding an end to unlicensed transfers of these deadly materials?

After all, we don’t really need these things. Steamer inserts and boiling water suffice for vegetables and beans. We should leave dangerous materials in the hands of the professionals: manufacturers, contractors and chefs who can be registered, and must fill out ATF forms for each purchase in order to track how the products get used.

Obviously, our leaders aren’t concerned about your safety. Only power, and their own security during its attainment, matters to them. They have their own armed protection; they’re safe from attacks. It’s you who are the threat. Criminals on the street, or residing in Washington, want the sheepdogs’ canines extracted so they are safe to go about their nefarious business.

George Santayana said: “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” But history is no longer taught in school, except to help people identify which victim class they belong to, in order to justify organizing into a special interest group to successfully fight other special interest groups to gain another crumb falling off the overlords’ table.

But while the sheep bleat for attention, the country we fought and died for whimpers slowly into the dark.

When will we stand and say: “No more”?