VIDEO: Obama's Private Sector – Winners Punished to Benefit Losers

Welcome to inter-governmental ideological interloping.

The wireless smart phone Xanadu we are all thoroughly enjoying – requires spectrum.  Which is the airwaves our phones use to allow us to surf the Web, watch movies, text, telephone, etc. – all from the palm of our hand.  And we need much, much more of it in the hands of the people making all this possible.


But there’s good news: The President’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is currently preparing the rules for an upcoming spectrum auction.

And then there’s bad news: The President’s Justice Department late Friday demanded that the FCC rig the auction rules – and engage in government quota spectrum set asides rather than simply run a simple auction.

As this guerrilla video explains, this government-picking-losers-at-the-expense-of-winners is terrible for the future of our ongoing wireless revolution.

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